Automatic vertical bar screen

The rough net consists of lamellas that are submerged in the channel leading to the pump station and of an excavator with an electrical motor drive and sprocket

Automatic fine screw sieve 

At the sieve in the channel large waste accumulates, while treated wastewater passes through the sieve and through the day.

Sand classifier type SC1 

Treated wastewater overflows in the second chamber and returns in the system,
or in the basin (sand catchment) of the pumping station.


Channel penstock
Wall penstock
Manual penstock 


Covers for tiled surfaces 
Covers with acoustic and thermo-isolation
Cover with a rubber gasket
Trolleys for cover lifting 

Used for lifting and lowering the cover. They are used when the cover exceeds the weight of 50 kg. 

Electric cabinets

For sewerage or water supply pumping station alimentation and control of automatic vertical bar screens and other appliances.
Vent pipe for air purification

Used for aeration of pumping stations or for clearing unpleasant smells from the pumping stations. 

Archimedes screw pump  

Used for lifting large quantities of clean or wastewater at a low height.