"TEHNOMEHANIKA" d.o.o. Rijeka

The company "Tehnomehanika" d.o.o. Rijeka, was founded in 1994.
The main activity of the company is production, assembly and maintenance of the communal and industrial waste water treatment plants and of the water supply systems.

Since 2002, the activity is performed in the premises belonging to the company, 4000 m2 of total size with 3500 m2 of indoor space. Transport connection is by road, rail or sea.

In our surroundings we have companies with larger manufacturing possibilities.

The company employs 26 persons in total, 20 of which are employed in manufacturing department and 6 in other departments.
The manufacturing department employs people trained in hardware, mechanics and electronics, while in the pre-manufacturing process mechanical and electrical engineers perform their activities.

The manufacturing programme consists of manufacturing water treatment plants, such as pipelines, fittings, screw transporters, different trolleys, mud and flotat extractors, screw pumps, automatic fine screw sieves, automatic vertical bar screens, electric cabinets with upgrades of telemetric-long distance surveillance and management (systems SIEMENS, SCADA) and other.

The service programme consists of servicing pumps pumps for drinking, waste and technological water (EMU, ABS, FLYGT, ELEKTROKOVINA, KSB) and other, sieves and nets for extracting mechanical impurities (HUBER, GEIGER, NOGGERATH), appliances for basin aeration (RIETSCHLE - Germany, BECKER - Germany, ROBUSCCI - Italy, KUBIČEK - Slovakia).

The service includes also the repairs of mechanical sets, of hardware construction, electric sets for alimentation and automatic work and for electric motor winding. Long term contracts have been signed with municipal companies of the cities of Rijeka, Umag, Opatija, Cres in order to monitor status, to maintain and service wastewater treatment plants, as well as to allow interventions performed by the hotline service, open 24/7. Within the electrical activities we perform winding of stator coils on electrical motors of up to 50 kW.

In the maintenance department, repairs of reductors, compressors, diesel engines, electric motors and other mechanical equipment are performed. The employees of the company are motivated to perform the tasks with quality and they are trained for new types of works, according to the market requests. We also have the consent for performing works from the group G, issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction and we have trained employees with certificates of professional exams for performing works of physical planning and construction in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as certificates of passing courses of SIMATIC ST-TIA Basis, Tia Service Training 2 and ST-BWINCCS-Wincc System Course.

Further improvement of production processes, procurement of modern equipment and tools, systematic collection of production process waste products and disposal in authorized institutes, who we already have stipulated contracts with and monitoring of the quantity of produced waste. One of the aims of the business policy is the production for the international market and connection with foreign companies and a joint presentation in Croatia and abroad.