MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION: - standard: inox Aisi 304, Aisi 316, Aisi 316 Ti, other materials upon request.

- consists of a vent pipe, container with a perforated steel sheet in which active coal for air purification is placed and of a cover.

- the size of the vent pipe is determined according to the capacity of the pumping well, or according to the volume

- anti-theft with a padlock placed beneath the container of the vent pipe.

USE:- used for air purification of pumping stations, or for elimination of bad smells from them. The polluted air enters the vent pipe and goes through the perforated sheet of steel placed on the bottom of the container. The container contains active coal and the quantity is determined depending on the amount of polluted air (in m3). After the filtration with the active coal, the air is purified and it is therefore released in the atmosphere. On the container a cover is placed in order to prevent the active coal to be removed by the wind or due to a theft from the container. Also, on the cover and on the container of the vent pipe, lugs for the padlock are welded. After the consumption, the used active coal needs to be replaced by new active coal.