MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION: - carbon steel, other materials upon request 


- made of a hydraulic jack and of a construction for lifting, meaning a frame and the wheels 

- the size of the trolley depends on the dimensions of the covers

- the size of the wheels depends on the weight of the covers 

NOTE: The execution of the trolley and the weight that needs to be lifted is defined according to the needs of the client 

- used for lifting and lowering the covers. It is used for covers exceeding 50 kg or when the cover cannot be lifted by men. It is used mainly for lifting and lowering covers for tiled surfaces. Countersunk screws in the angles of covers for tiled surfaces need to be replaced by eye bolts used for lifting and lowering covers. Holes on the intersection of the trolley are distributed according to the different dimensions of the covers, defined according to the needs of the client and to the size of the covers. The trolleys use a hydraulic jack that can lift up to 1500 kg. If lifting/lowering of heavier covers is needed, a hydraulic jack with a higher capacity will be installed on the trolley. The trolley has also the handles so two persons can lift the trolley in the transport vehicle and transport it wherever is needed.