Sand classifier type SC1

- the sand classifier consists of a worm screw, separation basin and reductor with an electric motor.

- standard: inox Aisi 304, Aisi 316 , Aisi 316 Ti, or other requested materials.

- for extraction of sand from the sediment obtained by collecting in the sand pools.

- the appliance can be fixed in the basin of the pumping station or on the mobile bridge above the basin of the pumping station. It is composed of a separation basin, worm screw and a reductor with electric motor drive. In the basin a submersible pump is placed, lifting the sand from the bottom in the first chamber of the classifier. In the first chamber the sand deposits and falls on the bottom where the spiral is placed, and which transports the sand to the top of the appliance. The sand filters and it is ejected to the container of the municipal waste or in the endless bags "Longopac", closed hermetically and used to prevent smell spreading. Treated wastewater overflows to the other chamber and returns to the system or into the basin (sand catchment) of the pumping station. The electrical cabinet is placed close to the appliance and it supports manual and automatic movement and management of the sand classifier. Moreover, the electrical cabinet can be equipped with a programmable logical controller (PLC), and telemetric, or with long-distance surveillance and control of the system (NUS ).

Vertical bar screen
Q Flow capacity of the appliance 10 L/s 20 L/s 30 L/s 40 L/s