MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION: - The cabinet can be made of plastic or stainless steel

- built in or placed on, with the possibility of outdoor or indoor installation

- waterproof and gas tight, protection from direct/indirect touch (tension)

- protection IP44, IP65, IP68, in all dimensions 

- electric cabinets with long distance command and NUS system management 

- management with the radio modem, GSM or GPRS modem

- for alimentation of sewerage or water supply pumping stations and for managing automatic vertical bar screens, automatic fine screens, transporters and other equipment, as well as for air treatment on appliances used for wastewater treatment.  Pump control in the pumping well is done from the electrical cabinet by selector switches R-O-A (manual - off - automatic). In the position manual, the pump can be managed by the buttons for turning on and off. In the position automatic, the pump can be managed in the following way: a) through the PLC, by an ultra-sound signal or through an order from the command centre, that may or may not be placed close to the pumping station, b) directly - by an ultra-sound meter in case of PLC break. In both cases (manual and automatic), the pumping station is managed by impulse commands.

From an electrical cabinet with energetic, automation, signalization management equipment a compressor for aeration of the pressure pipeline can also be controlled. The management is enabled by the selector switch R-O-A (manual - off - automatic). In the manual mode, the compressor must be controlled by the buttons for turning on and off, and in the automatic mode by on/off orders from the PLC and precisely: according to an established time protocol or from the command centre. Just like the compressor, electromagnetic valves of the compressor are also controlled.

PLC (programmable logical controller) is a logical programmable controller, i.e. an industrial computer consisting of a memory, processor, industrial inputs and outputs; buttons, switches or different types of converters or sensors. PLC is used mostly as a basic part of controlling automatic systems in industry. Its program or algorithm can be easily modified and it is suitable for quick solutions or applications. PLC is a digital computer; its program is executed in a cyclic mode and consists of three phases: reading the input variables, executing the programme code and printing results of logical operation on the outputs. The program is recorded in the internal memory of the appliance even if the alimentation is interrupted. It is designed for demanding working conditions, it is resistant to vibrations, temperature changes and electrical disorders, a very important factor for the pumping stations.