Automatic fine screw sieve

- the fine screw sieve consists of a worm screw, sieve and a waste container.

- with or without rinsing
- with or without waste compression.

- standard: inox Aisi 304, Aisi 316 , Aisi 316 Ti, or other requested materials. 

- used for removing large particles from waste/rain water larger than the chosen perforation of the bed or of the sieve of the appliance.

- the appliance is placed in the channel leading rain water or wastewater at an angle of 30-50 degrees, and it is fixed to the wall and to the bottom inside the channel, or to the basis placed outside the channel. The appliance consists of a sieve with a chosen perforation, of a worm screw and of a waste disposal container. At the sieve in the channel, large waste is accumulated, while the treated wastewater goes through the sieve and through the day, which are determined depending on the flow. The waste is collected by a spiral covered with brushes in the part of the sieve, or with abrading bands in the lifting pipe. The rotation moves the waste upwards and it ejects it to the container. The waste can be ejected directly to the municipal container or in the endless bags "Longopac", closed hermetically and used to prevent smell spreading.

The electrical cabinet is placed close to the appliance and it supports manual and automatic movement and management of the fine screw sieve. Moreover, the electrical cabinet can be equipped with a programmable logical controller (PLC), and telemetric, or with long-distance surveillance and management of the system (NUS). For automatic work management we use pneumatic or ultra-sound water level measurers that are placed in front and behind the appliance.

Vertical bar screen
Q max Maximal flow in the channel 150 L/s
W max Maximal width of the channel 1 m
H max Maximal height channel 2,5 m
P Light opening between screen bars 1-6 mm