Automatic vertical bar screen

- automatic vertical bar screen consists of a net, excavator, transporter and electrical cabinet.

- standard: inox Aisi 304, Aisi 316 , Aisi 316 Ti, or other requested materials. 

- used for removing large particles from waste/rain water in the channels leading to the pumping station.
- control and time of work is automatically optimized according to the level of collected waste on the lamellas of the vertical bar screen.

- the appliance is placed in the channel leading to the pumping station at the angle of 75°, and is fixed laterally into the wall and into the basis of the channel at the pumping station.
The vertical bar screen consists of lamellas submerged in the channel leading to the pump station and of an excavator with an electrical motor drive and sprocket.

The excavator collects the accumulated waste on the lamellas of the net, lifts it to the discharge to the transporter where a scraper for waste removal from the excavator is located. A transporter with a spiral for waste pressuring is located at the rear of the appliance and it ejects the collected waste to a waste container.

An electrical cabinet operating both appliances is located next to the automatic vertical bar screen and to the transporter.

The electrical cabinet supports manual and automatic movement and management of the net and of the transporter.

For automatic work management we use pneumatic or ultra-sound water level measurers, that are placed in front and behind the appliance, thus the automatic vertical bar screen will turn on or off depending on the different water levels. Moreover, the electrical cabinet can be equipped with a programmable logical controller (PLC), and telemetric, or with long-distance surveillance and control of the system ( NUS ). 

Vertical bar screen
Q max Maximal flow in the channel 3000 L/s
W max Maximal width of the channel 3 m
H max Maximal height of the channel 10 m
S Light opening between screen bars 10-200 mm